Frequently Asked Questions

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Insurance - what if I have it?  

Our monthly membership fee includes all of your care.  There are no office visit copays or additional fees for care provided by us.  If your insurance covers labs, pathology, xrays and studies and medications, the provider of those services may bill the charges to your insurance.  However, we believe that our cash-pay, negotiated prices for these services will probably be lower than your portion of charges if you have the services billed to your insurance.  

We do not submit any charges to insurance, including medicare and medicaid.  We will not claim your membership fees as office services, or provide "superbills" for you to submit.

Our fee schedule is set such that an annual fee will be offset by avoiding one visit to the Emergency Department or to Urgent Care. 

Also, since we do not bill insurance, we have greater flexibility in managing your care via email, text, and telehealth visit, saving you valuable time from having to come to the office when it isn't necessary. 

Insurance - what if I don't have it?

We understand that insurance premiums have become unaffordable for many Americans.  Our practice membership works well when paired with one of the following:

Whether you have other insurance or not, we will be happy to meet with you to discuss the benefits of joining our practice - lets make sure you have healthCARE!

Can I get a same-day appointment? Do you offer walk-in clinic services?

We specialize in same-day appointments and walk-in appointments for our members.  Non-members may be accommodated if they enroll when they show up at our office.  Members will enjoy calling, texting, emailing, and telehealth visits with physicians, which can help avoid office visits that are not necessary.  This keeps patients from having to miss work!


Is this the same as "Concierge Care"?  

Possibly!  You will certainly feel like a VIP at our practice.  Concierge patients enjoy access to the physician via office and home visits, text, email, and telehealth as well as phone access.  However, some concierge practices charge a fee in addition to billing insurance.  We do not submit bills or receive payment from insurance.

Can I call any time?  For any reason?

We have guidelines about after-hours and emergency calls.  Because one of our main goals is to provide outpatient care for you and avoid Urgent Care or Emergency Department visits whenever possible, we have a system to help you triage your needs so that we are able to manage being available 24/7 with having a sustainable life.  For specific guidelines, see After-Hours tab

What if I have to go to the hospital?

We hope this is a very rare occurrence, and will do our best to help you stay well and out of the hospital.  However, if you need emergency services or inpatient care, we will be in communication with your care team.  We will make courtesy visits to the hospital when possible.