Your membership provides unlimited outpatient medical care for children and adults, and 24/7 access for urgent issues and emergencies.  Members benefit from our in-house dispensing pharmacy's discounts, and our discounted contracts with local labs and radiology services.


Pediatric Care

WE LOVE KIDS - we make healthcare affordable for families, newborn through young adult.  We also provide courtesy hospital visits for newborns.    We'd love to meet with you during pregnancy or pre-adoption to make sure we are well prepared to take care of you and your new family member, however we do not do pregnancy care, but will do pre-conception counselling.


We do well child checks, sports physicals and immunization review and recommendations.

Pediatrician Examining Infant

Adult & Gyn Care

  • Annual exams and family planning*

  • Medical evaluation and management of blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, arthritis, anemia, acute infections, cardiovascular conditions, skin conditions

  • Colposcopy, management of abnormal pap smear*

  • Endometrial biopsy*

  • IUD insertion* and removal

  • Nexplanon*

  • Menopause management

  • Hospital follow-up care

  • End-of-Life Palliative Care

Family at a Beach

Immediate Care

Lacerations, fevers, acute nausea & vomiting, rashes, sprains and sports injuries - care for urgent needs is included for our members without extra charges.

Hospital Corridor

In-House Dispensary

Our in-house dispensary allows us to give our patients medications at cost. We will find you the least expensive option, so you are always guaranteed to save money.  For many patients medication savings alone pays for their entire membership.  Even patients with medication coverage through insurance can pay less than their co-pay.

  • Restricted to our member patients 

  • One year of medication can be dispensed at one time, allowing optimal savings

  • We do not offer pain management or controlled substance prescribing for non-acute pain. If this is a part of your health care we will manage your other concerns and coordinate pain related care with a pain professional. 

Pharmacists' hands

Laboratory & Radiology

  • in-office blood draws and specimen collection

  • contracted direct pay rates with our local laboratory allow you to pay pennies-on-the-dollar for lab testing that requires send-out

  • contracted direct pay rates with our local radiology group results in significant savings for our patients

Pelvic X-Ray

What's Not Included?

There's No Fine Print!  Complete transparency is our goal.

Outside care that incurs any charge for services is paid by the patient member at our deeply discounted rate, because we contract for these services and pay them ourselves directly.  This includes;

  • send-out labs we can't draw in the office

  • tissue pathology such as pap smears or biopsies

  • radiology tests

  • medications we buy to dispense to our patients at wholesale plus packaging cost

  • immunizations we procure from our partner pharmacy


We do not function as the attending physician when our patients are in the hospital. We don’t write the orders and we do not ‘call the shots’.  We will provide records, discuss your care by phone and perform in-hospital visit if desired by you.  

Blood Test

Optional Added Services

Expansive options to enhance your healthcare


These Added Services will be available to our members at deeply discounted prices


Functional Medicine

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Evaluation

  • Lifestyle Management

  • Nutraceutical Prescription

  • Integrative Model

  • $125/month Membership Fee for one year contract

Distanced Couple

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Marriage Counseling

  • Family Therapy


Contact Patrick Callahan,

Abundant Christian Counseling 

to set up an appointment

On the Scales

Medical Weight Loss/ Weight loss

Physician-managed evaluation and treatment of overweight and obesity including diet prescription, exercise, counseling, mental health evaluation, and treatment with indicated medications (may include a controlled substance contract)

We also have a personal trainer associated with our practice who will see our patients at a discounted rate.  Contact M-Power Physical Training to set up a consultation

(You must already be a patient of Gainesville DPC Physicians to receive our special discount)