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Open Enrollment - Time to Make a Change to Direct Primary Care!

Fall is the Season of Pumpkin Spice, Gator Games, and enrollment. This is a GREAT TIME to decrease your commercial insurance plan coverage (which will make your plan less expensive), and add a membership with Gainesville Direct Primary Care Physicians. The money saved by doing this, even with the added membership, most often results in a net savings for the member or family. Let's look at this more closely!

First, what exactly is "open enrollment," and why does it exist?

Health Insurance Companies want to count on their customers premiums, so a rule was established that customers can only sign up - or cancel or change - their health insurance plans during a very specific, and short, time each year. Exceptions are allowed. For example, if a customer has a baby, the baby could be added to the plan outside of the normal open enrollment period.

Many commercial insurance policies have two or three options. The most expensive plan offers the lowest out of pocket expenses for the customer (deductible, co-pay, co-insurance). the least expensive plan may not cover office visits at all, or requires the customer to pay $40 - $75 per outpatient visit. This plan also usually has a higher total deductible - meaning the portion the customer has to pay before the insurance "kicks in."

The latter plan works very well with Direct Primary Care! Because a member patient pays a low monthly fee to the direct primary care practice, and all outpatient primary care through the practice is included with this fee (including urgent care visits and procedures), the member patient actually ends up saving money.

This is also a fantastic way for employees with employer-sponsored health insurance to get affordable healthcare for family members that the health insurance may be too expensive to include. At Gainesville Direct Primary Care Physicians, family memberships are the most affordable plan we offer. There's a reason we are called Family Medicine Physicians, and that we love taking care of families!

Make sure and call us to talk about your specific needs. We are happy to meet with you and help you navigate these complex decisions! (352)204-0120

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