• Shenary J. Cotter, MD

Feeling Healthy?

It is a fantastic feeling - that vibrant sense of wellbeing when we are making all the right choices and effort, and we are seeing, and feeling the results. But "healthy" is more than what we are feeling. A rough night sleep, a car that won't start, a difficult interaction with someone at work - these are all experiences than result in feelings that try to lie to us. The lie says that we are failing, that we can't succeed, that trying is too hard, and that our efforts can't matter. The TRUTH is that each moment is a new start, with the potential to add great deposits into the figurative bank of our overall health. So - if you're feeling healthy right now? Great! Store some of that good feeling up for later, because you'll be able to access it during times when you don't feel so healthy. Not feeling it? It's ok! Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself some grace. Rest and drink a nice cold glass of water. And when you are ready, think of the next positive choice you can make for your body, mind and spirit, and do it!

Gainesville Direct Primary Care Physicians Shenary Cotter, MD and Althea Tyndall-Smith, MD, are ready to cheer you on during this health journey called life. You can do it!

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