• Shenary J. Cotter, MD

Family Medicine Holistic Covid Consideration

Wow! What a title! It packs a LOT into a few words.

When a family physician, a primary care physician, has to consider how to advise a patient, this is going to include what is called "shared decision making." And never has this been more relevant than during the current times.

As we head into Thanksgiving and Christmas, with the Heartland of our nation facing unprecedented sickness and deaths from COVID 19, we ALL must make difficult decisions about personal safety, but also that safety of those we love.

  • Here's a tool to help with decisions about group gatherings heading into Thanksgiving and Christmas. The risk for your county includes a gathering of a chosen size, for individuals from the SAME county. If you are considering having people come in from a different state or county, you want to look at the risk in THEIR county. Some things to consider also include: the risk of severe disease of anyone who would be attending presence of hypertension, diabetes, obesity age (risk goes up quickly with age) likelihood/ability of those invited to wear masks and socially distance indoor vs. outdoor celebration ability of anyone who gets a confirmed exposure to quarantine -adverse effect on the person's business and family? exposure/quarantine effect on children's education

These decisions aren't straightforward, but by considering your circumstances, and those of your potential guests, considerate and caring decisions can be made that will allow everyone's safety and personal joy to be maximized during this trying time

Your primary care physician can also help you navigate these important decisions.

Stay Safe.

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