For Employers

Welcome to Gainesville DPC Physicians  

Our goal is to help keep your employees healthy and happy and to save you money by providing you and your employees with high-quality, cost-effective healthcare.  We remove the middle man, insurance companies, and instead it's just you, your employee and us the physicians - it's that simple!  Sign up 5 or more employees to qualify for the discounted prices.  


Signing up is easy

As the employer, we ask that you return the attached form to us.  Your employees may sign up through our website but must be sure to enter your company name in their application, or they can call us at 352-204-0120 or email ( to request their new patient visit and to get their membership started.


Billing will be done monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.  It's up to you.  As the employer, you have the option of paying 0 -100% of their membership, labs, imaging, medications and procedures.  Most employers chose to pay the full monthly fee on behalf of their employees and leave an incidental charges (medications, labs, imaging, procedures) up to the employee.


$50/month for each adult;  We will also see the employee's family members.  Please contact us to find out more details.  


At Gainesville DPC Physicians, we aim to be most accessible most of the time.  We will be closed during certain holidays (these will be posted) and will be closed for regular office visits for 3 weeks of the year.  We will still be accessible by phone/email and will accommodate urgent appointments if needed.

We are not insurance:  we are healthCARE  

We recommend all patients have and maintain insurance coverage for medical catastrophes such as cancer, trauma and unexpected surgery. It’s not only a good idea; it’s the law. These events are extremely expensive and there’s no way around it. Patients who need regular sub-specialty care (say if you have multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis) should have reasonable insurance coverage for the specialists they see along with any specialty drugs they may need.  We understand, however, that many hard working people simply cannot afford insurance. We encourage you to consider consulting with an insurance agent (we can recommend, if needed) who understands direct primary care. An option is to have a ‘high deductible’ plan that is ACA compliant. Other options include cost-sharing programs like Samaritan Ministries, Liberty, Medi-Share, Christian Healthcare Ministries or Sedera Health, which has a program specifically tailored to businesses, to arrange some type of financial coverage in the event of a medical catastrophe.