After Hours

Use this page to help you decide how to best contact us 24/7 when needed

Are you having Emergency Symptoms?


Yes?  Call an ambulance, immediately

No?  Go to the next question

Is it Monday - Friday, daytime office hours (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.)?

Yes!   Call your physician on the direct line, or the office, for any needs you have!  Or, you may text message or email through Atlas MD.

No:  Go to next question

The office is closed, and you are considering going to the urgent care or emergency department

Do you have one of the following, or an equivalent problem:

  • fever that does not decrease with tylenol or ibuprofen

  • uncontrolled vomiting

  • a laceration that needs suturing

  • an acute injury without severe bleeding

  • a migraine

  • urinary tract infection symptoms that are causing severe distress

    • any other problem that CANNOT WAIT UNTIL 7 a.m. THE NEXT DAY

YES:  call your physician

NO:  If you do not have one of the above, or an equivalent problem, go to the next question


You are unsure whether to call, text message, or wait until the next day

Here are some examples:
CALL if you feel afraid that you may not be okay to wait until the next day and are considering going to the Emergency Department or Urgent Care (after reviewing above)
EMAIL if you need to be seen the next day.  We will call you first thing in the morning, or feel free to simply come straight to our office during office hours
TEXT if you need to let us know something that will not require a response.  An example would be that you have been in a car accident, and are on the way to the hospital.  Or you are having chest pain and have decided to go the Emergency Department.  Consider that a text message will likely wake us

Issues to address only during regular business hours

  • any illness that you have been experiencing chronically

  • appointment or refills

  • questions about alternative treatments

  • friends or family non-members who are sick

  • billing questions

If in doubt, ask yourself:  Is this something that merits waking my physician with a phone call or text?  If my physician is taking care of her children, should she stop doing so in order to address my need?

Remember:  We promised to be here for you, and we meant it.  The reality is that we therefore must keep our telephone on at all times.  So if you text us about an appointment, or call thinking you'll leave a message, we will stop what we are doing to respond, or be awoken by our phone.  This is fine - we promise! - as long as you require our immediate care at that hour.  But if it can wait, we do ask wait.   We appreciate you and thank you!