Direct Primary Care

Innovative Healthcare Delivery that Maximizes QUALITY & VALUE

Direct Primary Care (DPC) works like this:  we do not accept health insurance so we don't have to waste healthcare time or dollars administrating it.  Your monthly membership subscription allows for:

  • longer visits, with a relaxed physician and office environment where the focus is on you, not on the computer screen 

  • unlimited access to your physician including  same-day office visits, text messaging, phone calls and even "facetime-like" visits through a new platform called "tele-health"

  • low patient to physician ratio 

  • access for after-hours urgent care - allowing you to avoid expensive Urgent Care and Emergency Room visits unless absolutely necessary

  • Full-Spectrum Family Medicine by Board-Certified Physicians, who are skilled in procedures and complex disease management, avoiding the need for specialists unless absolutely necessary

  • office visits and care without co-pays or extra charges for service provided in our office

  • TREMENDOUS savings on medications through in-house dispensing and labs drawn in our office (no separate trips to a busy-far-away lab!)

It is recommended to have some type of wrap-around, catastrophic plan to supplement your medical coverage.  If a high-deductible insurance plan is not desired or affordable, there are other options that are ACA compliant. 


Direct Primary Care in the News


A new kind of doctor's office charges a monthly fee and doesn't take insurance —

and it could be the future of medicine.

It's called direct primary care, and it works like this: Instead of accepting insurance for routine visits and drugs, these practices charge a monthly membership fee that covers most of what the average patient needs, including visits and drugs at much lower prices. Read more

Our Practice

It's about Relationship.
You're our patient. We're your doctors. It's that simple.


Gainesville Direct Primary Care Physicians is the first physician owned and operated Direct Primary Care Practice in North central Florida. It was founded by two family physicians, Dr. Cotter and Dr. Tyndall-Smith, who were disillusioned by the prevailing climate of primary care practices where numbers, driven by the insurance industry, seem more important than patients.  Their passion led them to start a medical practice with the core mission of returning the patient experience to one where the doctor-patient relationship is the focus.  The founders’ vision is for a practice where the physicians are accessible at a reasonable transparent price and are able to spend meaningful time with their patients to listen to their needs and concerns and to enable the doctor to deliver high-quality personalized medical care to each patient. 


The Doctors


All of the physicians at Gainesville Direct Primary Care Physicians are board-certified in family medicine.  Combined they have over 50 years of clinical practice experience, including teaching and mentoring young doctors.  Each doctor’s personal life experiences as parents to young children, caregivers to aging parents, volunteers in the community and involvement in health ministry have further enhanced their ability to connect with patients of all ages and backgrounds.